Social Media And Its Psychiatric Effect On The Not-So-Social?

In the fast growing world, one can soon grow to be rather isolated and crowded with personal issues that they really have no one to discuss with. Whilst people at present chose to socialize over social media rather than on a person to person level, it has become rather apparent that humans don’t really have the time on their hands to engage with one another the way in which they used to back in the previous century. Many who chose to publish their lives all over social media such as checking into places and enjoying great food and company, may not really be having such a great time as they show the world, studies have now shown, whilst individuals who chose to stay home and follow those profiles that do seem to be showing off to the world that they are having a great time, indeed, do tend do feel depressed about the fact that they aren’t in a similar situation or don’t really have the time, funds or persons to go about with and experience the same level of enthusiasm and fun. 

While studies have further shown as to the drastic effect social media goes on to have on the lonely individual, the effect of edited and filtered photographs too have contributed to making one not only insecure to a huge scale but also depressed and figure or skin conscious making them impulse buy products which some of them can’t even afford really to even starving themselves or partaking a bare minimum of meals per day in order to maintain their figures. Moreover, most have now resorted to modes of counseling, may it be in the form of support groups or one on one support, as these give persons who really need that level of psychiatric care to open up and share they issues with one with not only social expertise but also medical expertise and can support the individual in the way they ought to take the necessary steps in overcoming their issues and growing into more confident and stress free individuals find that offer a counselling service.

Further, these support groups may even lead an individual to take up self development courses Canberra as these courses are now available everywhere to allow persons to grow and feel more confident in themselves, letting their insecurities sink, and to open up to new relationships and to become more social and successful in that aspect of one’s life. 

Lastly, with the rates of suicide increasing and the number of psychiatric patients increasing by the year, it is about time that one is informed about these options which have proven to be effective and aren’t that costly either.