Warning Signs Of Suicidal Intentions

It can be hard to deal with the thought that someone near you is suicidal even if they are clearly having troubles. When the signs are more subtle then it’s can be even more difficult. If you are concerned that someone you know could be suicidal then you need to take your concerns seriously. It’s always better to be needlessly worried instead of just going on pretending like nothing is wrong. If you think you’re suspicious you need to ask “how do I know if my husband is depressed?” There are certain warning signs that you should always be on the look out for.

Pay close attention to any growing fixation on death.This can take all sorts of forms, from watching more and more movies that revolve around death to bringing the topic up in conversation. This can be difficult to judge if the person has always had morbid interests so always pay attention to how their mood connects with their interests. A generally cheerful person who has a taste for depressing movies and literature might not raise any flags but a growing interest combined with a change in mood and general behavior should be looked into.

You should always be concerned about dangerous behavior. As people get increasingly suicidal they may lose interest in the future or their personal safety. They can start giving into all of their urges, destroying relationships, getting dangerously intoxicated, putting themselves in unnecessary risks, etc. This is an especially troubling warning sign because even if they don’t kill themselves they can end up hurting others. 

Pay attention to how they take prescription drugs. If you know they take anti-depressants or other drugs and you start to think “my girlfriend needs support” then you should watch out for two different but dangerous types of behavior. The first is when someone goes off their medication. Suddenly giving up prescription medication can have serious implications even when they are recommended by a doctor. On the other end of the spectrum you should watch out for prescription drug abuse. If the person starts taking more drugs than previously or starts showing early signs of drug abuse you should be concerned.

One of the most important things to watch for is signs that they are planning a suicide attempt. This can involve reading books or websites on suicide, talking about different suicide methods and anything that suggests they might be choosing a date. This shows they aren’t doing well when it comes to coping with suicidal thoughts and it means that you should start to consider getting ahold of the relevant authorities the provides proper guidance and medication.

These are some of the main signs to look for but everyone is different. If you start to think “my boyfriend needs counselling” then you shouldn’t ignore those thoughts and get services from depression counselling Surrey Hills. You are probably better at picking up subtle shifts in mood and behavior than you might think. When you find yourself thinking that your loved one no longer seems like the person you’ve always known then you should investigate to make sure the change they are going through is healthy rather than self-destructive.